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AbleGamers Player Panels connects players with disabilities who want to help make games more accessible with game companies and other organizations to test games and participate in player research and development to make games more accessible.

UPDATE 5/8/2020: If you are a player with disabilities interested in helping make games more accessible, please note that due to the current events around the coronavirus outbreak and the effect it has had on multiple industries including the gaming industry, we are suspending Player Panels registrations until further notice. Please note that changes in the status of this suspension will be based on available information about the COVID-19 outbreak and the discretion of our team. Thank you for your continued patience. Be safe and be well.

Player Panels Sign Ups Are Halted at This Time

After we review your registration, we will send you a demographics form for you to complete that will take about 15-20 minutes of your time.  After that, you will receive emails once a month updating you on Player Panels activities and opportunities to work with AbleGamers and other organizations who partner with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the AbleGamers Player Panels, we have partnered with the top publishers, AAA and indie game companies and leading researchers to create a platform for giving players a voice in accessible game design and development.  Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens after I fill out this form?

We will send you a screening questionnaire which will help us know more about you and about how we should work with you. We aim to do this as quickly as we can.

Does where I live affect my eligibility for Player Panels?

No. We accept players from around the world into the Player Panels program.

How do organizations get in contact with me?

When an organization requests players with particular attributes (e.g. users alternative controllers, plays multiplayer games), we notify players meeting those attributes will be asked if they want to participate with the company. We then ask you to indicate through a legal waiver that we can hand over your contact information to the organization. Similarly, we have organizations sign a waiver saying they will not share or use the data for reasons other than the ones they have indicated to us.

How else does AbleGamers manage my data?

We endeavour to follow best practices of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This include but is not limited to the fact will never sell your data, we will always tell you what your data will be used for, and always give you the opportunity to withdraw your data with each contact. We will never identify you individually publicly through your data.

What kinds of emails will I receive?

You will receive notifications of opportunities you qualify to work with game companies and other organizations working on game accessibility. You will receive emails about opportunities for accessibility research and development with partners with whom we have collaboration agreements. You will receive requests for information from AbleGamers through which we collect data to inform our advocacy, training, and research and development.

Do I have to do all of those things?

You will be as engaged as you want to be. For each opportunity or request, you will have the chance to agree or decline to participate. You will never be dropped from the Player Panels for declining.

How often will I be contacted?

We cannot predict how often opportunities will come to you through Player Panels. Organizations impose different constraints including the number of players, locations of players and the options players use. However, we recognize that all players who sign up want to contribute to game accessibility. In order to give those players a platform, we aim to run a request for information every 1-2 months in order to get players involved and get hard data about players with disabilities that we can share with developers.

What will I be paid?

Each notice of an opportunity will include an indication from the organization offering it of what you will be reimbursed for your time.

So are you employing players with disabilities?

No. We are providing a service to match players with particular attributes with companies who want to work with them. AbleGamers does not employ any of the people on Player Panels.

I have a legal guardian (e.g. under 18), can I still participate?

Anyone over the age of 13 with a disability is welcome to join the panel. For those who have a legal guardian, we will seek your legal guardian’s permission to participate after you complete the screening questionnaire.

How did you set up Player Panels?

We originally set up Player Panels through a collaboration with the University of York (UK) working with partners in their Justice and Equality Research theme.

I’m having trouble with the screening questionnaire or another issue I need to ask about, who can I contact?

Any questions can be sent to [email protected]

All automation of our Player Panels registration is thanks to Zaps provided by Zapier.