The best way to get players with disabilities playing your game is to get them to help you make it... Accessibility is not hard if it's part of the plan from the start. Explore APX

AbleGamers Welcomes You to a New Way Forward in Game Accessibility

At AbleGamers, we have helped pioneer game accessibility from a niche topic to a key design factor that is on the minds of game professionals. With increased awareness of players with disabilities as a key audience in the gaming community, game professionals are increasingly asking us for new ideas and resources on how to keep their games free of accessibility barriers that will keep players from experiencing their games.

On this site, AbleGamers provides a set of evolving resources and services to help game professionals in accessible game design. Our aim is to connect players with disabilities to the games industry, inspire game professionals in accessible game design, drive ideation and creation of new accessible solutions, and test games for accessibility so that everyone can game.

Developer Resource

Two developers coding a game

I am a game professional and to want design more accessible games.

Design Patterns for Accessibility

Accessible Player Experiences (APX) is a new tool that helps you make accessible content that supports players with disabilities and find inspiration for new accessible designs for your game.

Developer Resource

Two game developers, male and female, Pointing at a screen as they make a game.

I am a game professional and want input from players with disabilities.

Connect with Players with Disabilities

AbleGamers Player Panels gives you a way to connect with players with disabilities throughout game design, from initial ideas through to the final game. Submit a project to Player Panels if you want to involve players with disabilities in your player research or playtesting.

Player Participation

A group of people sitting in chairs holding up thought bubbles

I am a player with disabilities and want to make games accessible.

Contribute in Making Games More Accessible

AbleGamers Player Panels gives players with disabilities a way to have input in the games industry. Join Player Panels if you want to work with our charity, game companies, and other organizations on how to make games accessible.