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Testimonials from our awesome collaborators!

“Although we are a relatively small studio, we got so much valuable insight from our testers that enabled us to make our game more accessible and thoroughly test and critique our features. AbleGamers Player Panels were easy to set up and the process was quick and efficient. Thank you for all you do for the player community and for game studios!”

Tabby Rose, UX Director

“Working with the AbleGamers team has made it much easier to get in touch with players with disabilities for our research initiatives. Knowing that we will get high quality, engaged players to participate in our sessions takes the burden of participant recruitment for a specialized audience off of our team. These sessions have been a great way for us to help educate some of our devs on improvements that they can make for players with disabilities, and how to keep a range of player types in mind when we talk about user experience in our games and products.”

Nikki Crenshaw, User Researcher; Blizzard Entertainment

“Ablegamers team gave us very important and useful input that helped us tweak the content of our game. They are passionate and very efficient, it was a real pleasure to work with them.”

Charles Coutier, Senior Producer; WB Games

“The AbleGamers APX resources allowed our studio to get important insight and clarity into the principals of accessible design, and their Player Panel services were invaluable to test our application of them. As a small Indie studio with limited budget, the open access to the materials and affordability of the Player Panel program was invaluable. The team was extremely helpful and efficient in helping us get in touch with testers, craft our message and better understand our needs. We will definitely take the lessons learned from this project and apply it to future game designs. We are excited to build upon this relationship in the future as AbleGamers continues to grow their services. It would be an honour to be even a small part of moving the needle in the games industry and fulfilling AbleGamer’s mission of making videogames accessible to all.”

Sy Raffoul, Business and Communications Manager; Silverstring Media

“The AbleGamers charity has been an incredible help to my mission to improve accessibility in Skye Tales. Their free, unmanaged tier of player panels is extremely approachable for indie companies who don’t have a massive budget to run user testing, and the process to get started is very clear. The team kept up great communication with me at every stage. I cannot stress enough how invaluable it is to get feedback from players who experience disabilities, and AbleGamers have made that accessible to developers big and small.”

Cari Watterton, UX Designer; Puny Astronaut

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