Flexible Displays


Design Problem:

Players cannot use standard displays and their accompanying settings to take in information from the game.

Design Solution:

Players can replace a standard display or alter the display settings so that they can take in the information presented by the game or its interfaces.

Related Patterns:

APX Design Drivers:

The above design problem can occur in the following contexts:

Players who have low vision may need to change the display or resolution to be able to see information clearly.

Players who have low hearing may need to change the direction or volume of sound to hear information clearly.

Players may prefer different display settings for their style or setting of play.

Examples of this Pattern in Action

Change the visual display and resolution in Nioh


In Nioh, players have the option to choose one of three game modes that affect the resolution and frame rate of the game. “Action Mode” offers a frame rate of 60 frames per second (fps) but reduces the upper limit of the game’s resolution. “Movie Mode” prioritizes stabilization of the game’s resolution but caps the frame rate at 30 fps. “Movie Mode (Variable Frame Rate)” stabilizes the resolution and uncaps the frame rate to fluctuate between 30-60 fps. Nioh allows players to choose their display preferences so that players can have agency in the visual presentation of the game.

Change the visual display and resolution in Onrush


In Onrush, players may use the Visuals setting to optimize frame rate with the “Prioritize Frame Rate” setting or resolution with the “Prioritize Resolution” setting. Onrush is an arcade racer with competitive demolition derby elements which means that there is a lot of action onscreen during gameplay. By giving players the choice to prioritize frame rate or resolution, players may choose display settings that optimize their visual experience. For some players, a focus on frame rate may assist with the multitude of movement and explosions that are constantly onscreen. For other players, a focus on resolution may assist in discerning elements like the names of other players or distinguishing between other vehicles ahead.

Audio settings for different play settings and devices in Mad Max


In Mad Max, the game has a variety of different preset audio setting profiles for different displays and settings of play.  For example, Mad Max includes a profile for night mode which lowers the volume of all sound, and a setting optimized for presentation through headphones.  In each of these cases, the relative sound volumes between different audio tracks are maintained.