Flexible Text Entry

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Design Problem:

Players cannot enter text into the game through a standard interface for purposes of communication or taking action in the game and/or its interfaces.

Design Solution:

Players can replace a standard interface with an alternative so that they can enter text into the game and/or its interfaces.

Related Patterns:

APX Design Drivers:

The above design problem can occur in the following contexts:

  • Players with physical disabilities may need to replace a physical keyboard with an onscreen keyboard to enter text.

  • Players with physical disabilities may need to replace keyboard entry with voice entry to enter text.

  • Players who cannot switch between controlling the game and typing quickly may need to replace keyboard entry with speech entry.

  • Players who are unable to speak may need to replace voice entry with keyboards.

  • Players who cannot type quickly may prefer to replace keyboards with speech entry.

Examples of this Pattern in Action.

Enter text through keyboards in PlayStation 4


Through the PlayStation 4 operating system, players can connect a keyboard that can be used to enter text. A keyboard can be connected using a USB or Bluetooth. Through the PS4 settings menus, players can adjust the language type of the keyboard, the key repeat delay, and the key repeat rate. For the latter 2 options, players may choose between slow, normal, or fast. Players may use a keyboard with their PS4 consoles so that they have an alternative way to input text and navigate through the operating system.

Replace text entry with voice entry (via microphone) on Xbox One with Sea of Thieves


Using the Ease of Access options menu on the Xbox One family of consoles, players may activate speech-to-text for games like Sea of Thieves. In order to use this feature, players must have an Xbox compatible headset or microphone. After activating speech-to-text through the Xbox operating system, players may use the feature with their microphones in Sea of Thieves as the game supports the feature natively. The Xbox One operating system includes the ability to use voice input for text entry so that players may communicate with other players with pseudo-anonymity and without manual text entry.

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