Create accessible experiences in a way that suits your studio!

Whether your studio is new to accessibility or accomplished in creating inclusive games,
our team can guide you in delivering the most accessible experience possible to your players
through our subscription plans.

Subscription Benefits

We know that managing accessibility through the lifecycle of your game can be challenging, and that’s why at AbleGamers we provide subscriptions that include:

A clipboard with your project management outlook.

Project planning to ensure your engagements get the attention they deserve.

Two hands shaking over a successful deal.

Inclusive billing so that you only have one contract to manage.

A gift with a sales sticker on it.

Discounts on our Certified APXP course for your team so you can build an accessible and inclusive culture.

About our Subscriptions:


A bronze shield

For studios who are new to accessibility, you may be curious or even overwhelmed by the accessibility options that you can include in your game. In our Bronze subscription, we provide you with the opportunity for touchpoints with players, review of content for common pain points, and assess your game to determine if there are barriers that will keep players from joining the amazing experience you are creating.

Examples of how studios have used our services in this plan include:

  • Player Panels to conduct user research to understand players needs, or to review early
    wireframes and prototypes.
  • Sensitivity Readings to examine design reference documentation, dialogue options, and
    user interface messaging for problematic or offensive language.
  • An Accessibility Prerequisite Evaluation (APRE) to get an initial baseline of Access
    options available to players and barriers present in the game, and again after changes
    have been made to address those barriers.

Silver bracelets

For studios who have some experience working together on a previous title, there is often a desire to make sure that they build on that success with an even more accessible new title. For these studios, our team can help you structure a more regularized pattern of assessing your game, including a deep dive playthrough evaluation that will help you start looking for options that help players tune their experiences that you may have missed in your previous titles.


Gold bars

For studios who have a history of working together to create amazing accessible experiences for players, you may want to push the boundaries of what accessibility in your game means. With our Gold subscription, you get more support in achieving your goals of providing those meaningful accessible experiences to players.

With regular check-ins on the prerequisites for play, multiple deep dives into your gameplay and lots of opportunities to work with players, this subscription plan is for those who want to extend the opportunity to experience their games to even more players that they already do!

  • Accessibility Prerequisite Evaluations to check a wide variety of different single
    and multi-player game modes for barriers that prevent people from getting into the
  • Multiple playthrough evaluations to ensure that players can tune challenge in a variety
    of different phases of gameplay.
  • Player Panels for user testing the fidelity of your accessibility options and or of player
    experiences in you game.
  • Sensitivity Readings checking content for disability representation in story and assets.

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Player Panels

Connect your studio to players with disabilities. (Players ages 18+).




Sensitivity Readings

Make your game a welcoming place for a diverse community of players.





Learn how to let players play your game with options that suit them.





Identify where you can increase optionality for players so that they can enjoy your challenges.




Want to learn more about these services? We want you to have the best insight we can provide!

Equipping your team for success

Ensuring that there is buy-in for accessible and inclusive design throughout your team leads to better and more accessible games. However identifying and equipping champions of inclusive design with knowledge and experience can be a challenge for studios to do on their own. At AbleGamers we have bundled our Certified APX Practitioner course with all of our subscriptions to help you build that inclusive culture.

Whether you are a studio new to accessibility looking to train some key people, a studio with defined processes wanting to seed knowledge across different parts of your team, or a studio with mature accessibility processes that wants to train newcomers to the team, you will be able to train as many developers as you like with a substantial discount on our regular per seat cost.