Player Panels

Engage in creating accessible experiences through collaboration!

Welcome to Player Panels, a groundbreaking service by AbleGamers.

Player Panels is an exclusive opportunity for video game companies and players with disabilities to collaborate in testing and refining games through user research and development.

Engage with AbleGamers Player Panels as a:

Joining Player Panels as a Player with Disabilities:

AbleGamers Player Panels offers a unique opportunity for game companies to bring the insights and experiences of individuals with disabilities into the game development process.

Join us in building a more inclusive gaming community that goes beyond entertainment. Player Panels empower you to combat social isolation by actively participating in the game development process. Your unique perspective contributes to making games more accessible, enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Am I allowed to join the Player Panels?

If you are a person who identifies as being disabled, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Physical disabilities (motor/loss of limb/etc)
  • Visual disabilities (color blindness/astigmatism/partial blindess/etc)
  • Hearing disabilities (deaf/hard of hearing/tinitus/etc)
  • Cognitive disabilities (Autism/Down’s Syndrome/etc)
  • Mental Health disabilities (depression/anxiety/OCD/etc)
  • Anything else considered a disability!

When you fill out the Player Panels application, we will guide you through the process! If you are unsure, apply anyway! The application will clarify whatever you need to know.

Why join the panels?

Become a pivotal force for change by providing direct feedback on game accessibility!

How does it work?

Getting involved with Player Panels is simple: Express Interest!

We swing into action when a company or client needs input from gamers like you. Each opportunity comes with specific criteria that you can find in our emails. Your task is to see if you meet these criteria and apply to be part of the play-testing process.

What to Expect:
Once eligible, you’ll receive an email detailing the play-testing opportunity.

This includes:

  • Start and end dates of the study.
  • The testing process.
  • Location of the testing (remote, on-site, or a combination).
  • Any required gaming devices or equipment.
  • Information about documentation or contracts, if applicable.

At AbleGamers, we believe in the power of your unique gaming experiences. Player Panels is your platform to shape the future of accessible gaming. Join us and make your voice heard!

Player Panels for Studios and Development Teams:

Join us in fostering inclusive communities and combating social isolation through accessible gaming experiences. Player Panels empower game developers, assistive hardware developers, and other businesses and organizations with valuable insights from people with disabilities, ultimately improving the quality of life for individuals facing unique challenges. Your participation directly contributes to a more inclusive gaming industry.

With two distinct tiers, Unmanaged and Managed, we cater to diverse needs, ensuring your team can connect with a global community of players with disabilities.

Why use Player Panels in your studio?

Unlock the power of direct feedback from players with disabilities to enhance the accessibility of your games.

The Unmanaged Tier is perfect for small studios under 10 employees, allowing you to recruit up to 10 players for a free virtual player panel per quarter.

For larger entities seeking comprehensive support, the Managed Tier offers:

  • Recruiting your custom panel, to your exact specifications
  • Advisory services to aid your team
  • Panel maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Compensating test subjects

All wrapped up in a customizable Statement of Work!

How does it work?

Getting started with Player Panels is a breeze, follow these steps:

  1. Express InterestContact Us
  2. Customize Your Panel – Provide details on your preferred tier, player criteria, compensation, and opportunity advertisement.
  3. Recruit Players – We share your opportunity with our diverse pool of players, allowing them to express interest.
  4. Legal Agreement – Upon completion of recruitment, sign an agreement to hand over player data.
  5. Receive Player Information – Get access to the personally identifying data of interested players.
  6. Confirm Payments & Provide Feedback – Ensure players are compensated and share your experiences with our services.

At AbleGamers, we believe in the transformative power of accessible gaming experiences. Player Panels is your gateway to a more inclusive gaming future. Join us in making a meaningful impact!