Undo Redo


Design Problem:

Players may make errors while making progress through the game.

Design Solution:

Players can confirm or reverse choices they have made in the game or its interfaces so that they can revise previous errors and progress in the game.

Related Patterns:

APX Design Drivers:

The above design problem can occur in the following contexts:

  • Players with cognitive disabilities may need to confirm decisions that are irrevocable.

  • Players may need to undo decisions they have made that impact their progress.

  • Players with physical disabilities may need to undo actions they made in error due to imprecision.

  • Players may need to undo actions they have made in error.

Examples of this Pattern in Action.

Return to specific points through previous saves (e.g. named saves, thumbnails) in Mass Effect: Andromeda


In Mass Effect: Andromeda, players may identify return points in the game progression using the named saves, accompanying thumbnail image, and further details about the save files. Some save files in the game are named for the most recent quest mission that has been completed while auto-saves and manual saves are named as such. The game also includes a thumbnail image of the relative location of a given save file’s creation so that players may have an idea of where their in-game location was at the time of the save. In addition to the date and time (based on a 24-hour clock) of the save file’s creation, the save file load screen also includes information about the player character including character name, the character level, the in-game location of the character, game completion percentage, and total time played. These aspects of save file denotation can be helpful to players who need to discern their point of progression for a given save file.

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