In 2012, AbleGamers published Includification: A Practical Guide to Game Accessibility, the award-winning, first of its kind, outline on how to make games accessible for players with disabilities. This guide was a huge leap forward for accessibility. It was on the desk of developers at major studios around the world.

AbleGamers never rests, and as the video game industry evolved, so did the need for new ideas in innovative and creative design for accessibility. We went back to the drawing board and did a total re-think on how to approach accessibility, building on the legacy of Includification with primary research with players with disabilities and game professionals. AbleGamers and the University of York partnered together and came up with a new approach. In late 2018, we launched this site and the new design patterns for Accessible Player Experiences.

We believe that Includification was an important step forward for accessibility. As such, we have made Includification available for download via this site as we continue working to evolve accessible game design.